Penny and family

Penny was unable to attend the reunion.  However, at Bobbie's behest, Sandy Belcher, one of Penny's daughters, sent these pictures for sharing.

Penny would love to hear from her friends.  She is living with another daughter, Debbie Splinter.  Send e-mails to Penny c/o Debbie at


Here is Sandy's e-mail to Bobbie:

From: "Sandy Belcher" <>
Date: October 16, 2013 5:02:27 PM PDT
To: "'Roberta Tropp'" <>
Subject: RE: Reunion

Hi Bobbie,
Attached are some pictures.  One is of my mother and father (I don't
remember when it was taken though).  The other 2 are from this past
Christmas with my mother and her 4 daughters.  The other is with her and her
grandchildren.  (She actually has nine grandchildren, but 2 are not
Thank you so much for thinking of her.  I will definitely share this with

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